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Let's get them playing.   

Whatever their age, we offer clubs that will inspire and encourage your child to join in and have fun playing music.

  • Mini-Maestros- Music classes with an emphasis on games to introduce rhythms, instruments and songs 
  • Orchestra- Pieces learnt using movement, body percussion and singing. Rehearsals along to backing tracks.
  • Rock Band- Having fun jamming to well known tunes.


Mini Maestros

  • Fun music classes for Reception to Year 2 children.
  • Using Kodaly principles and Colourstrings methodology, lessons develop core musical skills of pulse, rhythm and tonality, the foundation to learning any instrument.
  • Classes are filled with upbeat songs, rhythm and action games (boucing balls, waving ribbons, passing bean bags, scarves, claves, shoes, skipping ropes),  dancing and movement to music.
  • Confidence building through solo singing and instrumental performances.
  • An active and stimulating musical experience.



Orchestra Maestros is  aimed at children who both have an understanding of notation and rhythm and complete beginners. The classes aim to build children's confidence playing, developing skills on their instrument and learning to rehearse and perform as a group.

We play a range of musical styles, from Classical favouratives to well known tunes that the children are familiar with.  Our repertoire to date has included - Dr.Who, Star Wars, James Bond 007,  In Dulce Jubilo (Mike Oldfield's version), Jingle Bell Jazz,  Carol of the Bells, 'Toothbrush' by DNCE, 'Superstition' (Stevie Wonder), 'Everybody Needs Somebody' (Blues Brothers), Pachelbel’s Canon, Paginini’s Caprice No 24, 'The Avengers- End Game', Harry Potter and many more

We have all instruments and welcome children with a range of abilities (from beginners upwards).  The music is differentiated to account for all - come along and have a go. Choose your school below to sign up.


Puts a tingle in your fingers and a tingle in your toes: Music-Maestros