Holy Trinity School

HT Maestros 

19.09.2019- First lesson

14.11.19- NO ORCHESTRA

05.12.2019- club finishes next week

12.12.2019- CATCH UP CLASS (for missed lesson 14.11.19)

20.12.19- Church service at Holy Trinity Church.  Orchestra performing. Please meet at school office 8.45am to travel by minibus to church. Parents welcome to attend service (9.45am start).

Spring Term

16.01.2010- First lesson

26.03.2010- Last lesson


Mini Maestros (Colourstrings)

Spring Term

13.01.2010- First lesson

23.03.2010- Last lesson.  4pm- Parents welcome to come along for a short concert. 


HT Rock Band

11.12.2019- Last lesson of second 6 week course

Spring Term

15.01.2010- Spring 1: 5 week course- starts

12.02.2010- Spring 1: 5 week course ends

26.02.2010- Spring 2: 5 week course starts

25.03.2010- Spring 2: 5 week course ends


Flute and piano

16.09.2019- Lessons start

18.11.19- NO FLUTE LESSON (catch up lesson 09 Dec)

04.12.2019- Last lesson WEDNESDAY CLASS

09.12.19- Last lesson MONDAY CLASS

Spring Term

13.01.2020- Lessons start

23.03.2020- Last lesson

Summer Term

20.04.2020- Lessons start

06.07.2020- Last lesson





Puts a tingle in your fingers and a tingle in your toes: Music-Maestros